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Florsheim - Lexington Wingtip Tassel Slip-On (Wine Legacy) Men's Slip-on Dress Shoes

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Where to buy Florsheim - Lexington Wingtip Tassel Slip-On (Wine Legacy) Men's Slip-on Dress Shoes with reviews.
This Florsheim® classic is setting the pace in a broad array of styles, from very classic to quite contemporary. ; Durable leather upper maintains its polished appearance. ; Easy Slip-on style dress loafer. ; Breathable leather linings. ; Fully cushsioned footbed provides continuous cushioning and support. ; Features a Toflex lightweight non-leather outsole with a rubber heel for added trac...
Florsheim, Lexington Wingtip Tassel Slip-On, 17073-01, Men's Dress Slip On On, Tasseled/Kiltie Loafer KiltieTassel, Slip-on Dress, Closed Footwear, Footwear, Shoes, Gift, zappos,,

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