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Jumping Jacks Kids - Cheerleader III (Toddler/Little Kid) (White/Black) Girls Shoes

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Classic saddle-design silhouette. ; Scuff-resistant leather lace up shoe for girls. ; Flexible outsole cut to fit every whole and half size. ; All leather linings with cushioned sock linings. ; Padded tongue and collar offer extra comfort. ; Durable rubber outsole provides traction. ; An ideal choice for school uniforms. Measurements: ; Heel Height: 3 4 in ; Weight: 4 oz ; Platform Height: 1 2 i...
Jumping Jacks Kids, Cheerleader III (Toddler/Little Kid), 884336B, Kids' Shoes Girls Toddler School School, Lace Up, Lace up casual, Closed Footwear, Footwear, Shoes, Gift, zappos,,

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